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Rothbadi & Co is an institutional blockchain consultancy with a laser focus on the Internet of Value. We consult on the adaptation of blockchain technology for large scale and high impact projects. We advise on Blockchain & Crypto investments.

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Our purpose

Rothbadi & Co. is the first global consultancy born out of a think tank and out of academic research. We have designed an innovative implementation of blockchain which integrates financial and non-financial values. We specialize on large scale blockchain projects. We are also focused on Blockchain education and research, Blockchain & Crypto investment analytics and advice. 


Our team

The sector may be new but our analysis is solid, grounded and thorough. Our senior experienced consultants have the core skills to provide our clients with a glide path from the old world to the new.


Using a blend of traditional and cutting edge tools our team has been hand picked to represent the dependable, measured and insightful perception of both the client's present and future needs.

Our team


Metrics of non-financial and intangible values

The Seratio division is a leading provider of multiple non-financial metrics. Since 2014, we have developed a SaaS platform for analysis and benchmarking of values, like social impact, used to support government legislative acts promoting social impact. Those include, in the UK the Social Value Software for the Social Value Act 2012 and the Anti-slavery software for the Modern Slavery Act 2015. For the EU, we are the provider of five commissions around social value, and in India, Indonesia, and Mauritius we are developing analysis for the 2% Social responsibility law.


The applications of the Social Earnings Ratio are diverse, beyond government, and include arts, economies, technology, beliefs and environment, and more. See current commissions here.


The metrics of intangible value range from organizational value, personal value, freedom value, value of arts, happy cities, health & wellbeing, impact investment, and more.


Our journal “Social Value & Intangibles Review” covers related topics.

Blockchain lab and commissions

The CCEG Blockchain UN Lab is one of the largest full service blockchain teams in the world operating within a rigorous academic environment with multiple university partners.


The Blockchain Lab is the provider of Blockchain education and solutions for Fordham University in New York. The second 5year agreement signed in 2017, is with the largest blockchain solution provider for the Chinese government, Chengdu UESTC University.

The Blockchain Lab produces open source whitepapers and is commissioned TGE (Token Generating Events) from prestigious organizations. Those include, the Womens' Coin launched with UN Women, the

City Coin, the Student Coin, Islam Coin, UNDP Coin, etc. www.cceg.org.uk/lab


This division also operates the global IoV Blockchain Alliance for Good.

Cyberfutures - A global educational consortium

The Cyber Futures network is an international network where institutions, centers, and labs can share best practices, resources and expertise. As technological innovation is accelerating, we firmly believe in cross-disciplinary collaborations, so we launched Cyber Futures to share our own blockchain solutions first and learn from, and collaborate with the community.


We started by sharing our educational projects: the educational passport and the distributed learning ledger, the educational marketplace, and the Educoin (white paper available on the Github). Informa PLC, the educational provider, Microsoft, and Edcast, a global provider of MOOC’s, have already shown interest in collaborating on this use case of blockchain in education.


We want to continue to share our solutions to be inspired by the latest innovations in tech driven thinking – decentralization and distributed knowledge inherent in current trends of DLT, IoT, AI, VR, AR, 3DP, WYOD, BYOD and the emerging but currently nascent technologies like ultra-scale computing, Biocomputing, future cities, etc. Join here.

Efficiency Exchange - The future of Higher Education

The Efficiency Exchange is a platform to share best practices and tech innovations in all areas of university life: from management functions, teaching practices, delivering value to students, accreditation to address new learning needs, and any issues around Higher Education.


The Efficiency exchange is an open collaborative platform for university life, where case studies, interviews and blogs are shared. Open topics, like why Blockchain could be the future in knowledge procurement, or how it can help assess the value offered from universities to students, what is the social impact of higher education, etc. Join the platform here and follow on Twitter @EfficiencyEx.

Institutional consultancy and advisory

The high-end institutional blockchain impact consultancy and advisory is aimed at banks, corporates, investment houses including impact/faith investing, incubators, family offices, governments, NGO’s, and UHNWIs. It is established in Zurich but also using the CCEG presence in Shanghai, New York, Kochi, and London.


Rothbadi & Co. specializes in three main areas: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency consulting, Blockchain & Crypto Investments and analysis, and Blockchain research & education.

The focus is on working with clients that are looking to integrate blockchain technology in a genuinely large impact way. Since our core values include education, we are leaders in educating the next generation in Blockchain knowledge, research, and business culture. Since our core values include risk management and value investing, we offer investment advisory and analytics for Blockchain & Crypto portfolios.  

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