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1. Blockchain consulting & advisory

Rothbadi & Co. offers a wide range of services for institutional blockchain projects.

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Blockchain Consulting & Advisory

1.1 - Blockchain business plans and advisory

1.1 Business plans

We help our clients to design a road-map for the blockchain adaptation of their strategic plans. Whether working with governments, agencies, NGOs, large corporates in diverse industries, we specialise in impact blockchain projects and help our clients find the best solutions. Our research experience and independence from a specific blockchain technology, allows us to offer an unbiased assessment of the best blockchain implementation and a customised solution for the specific needs of our customers.

1.2 2. Blockchain design & implementation

1.2 - Blockchain design & implementation

Our Blockchain development team is highly experienced and includes several founders of blockchains and academics with hands on experience. Execution is paramount and our high-quality services are unique in the blockchain space, which has a human resources shortage of code developers and code architects.  

From high quality code-checking, auditing, all the way to cybersecurity services and hacking prevention, are at the core of our offering.

We are in the midst of the emerging field of Token economics, which is a combination of behavioral economists, computer scientists and engineers. Through our unique global network in academia, we are in a position to be on the cutting edge of this field. Designing the token in alignment with the business goals and translating into a white paper, is also one of our services.   

1.3 Code checking and audit

1.3 - Post-ICO management for our customers

The ICO is just the start, it’s how you manage the business after that is the hallmark of success. We offer interim management, treasury, token modelling, governance, relationships with leading exchanges and a whole host of services. In addition, in terms of behaviour the token market suffers from similar vagaries of normal markets including both fire and hypergrowth management, rescues and crises strategies, risk management, etc. As experienced senior advisors we have seen it all before.

1.4 Cybersecurity & hacking prevention

1.4 - AI / IoV / IoT consulting

These converging sectors are both interrelated and becoming more blended. AI Wallets and tokenising IoT are just the first steps in an emerging intertwining but again, our research teams are at the forefront of these developments.

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