Rothbadi & Co offers services to support investment activities in Blockchain, ranging from cryptocurrencies all the way to equity holdings in blockchain companies.   

3. Blockchain & crypto investments

3.1 - Investment recommendations & analytics


We offer investment recommendations and analytics to family offices and HNWI that are building exposure to the Blockchain space, through Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, and equity holdings in blockchain companies. We provide similar support to asset managers without domain expertise, whose clients want to get involved.


3.2 - Managed portfolio oversight

We offer full oversight services for managed accounts with significant exposure in the Blockchain space.


3.3 - Access to investments fund networks

For existing clients, we offer access to our network that has capital to invest in Blockchain ventures.


3.4 - Advice on international regulatory frameworks

We offer our clients advice with regards to the particularities of each regulatory jurisdiction. Through partnerships we efficiently link our clients to legal counterparties to support their journey.

This is not about circumnavigation of the regulatory system, or setting up bogus foundations that have been shown to unravel. It’s about full engagement with regulators and advising them of the realities of the market, about taking a compliant but considered approach to KYC, AML, Anti-Terrorist, GDPR and other regulations in particular jurisdictions and being respectful of them. We start with keeping the knowledge base live and current and keeping our dialogue channels open and honest.

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