2. Blockchain Research & education

Rothbadi & Co offers educational services for higher education institutions, Blockchain Business or Advocacy groups.  

2.1 - Blockchain undergraduate & graduate certification


We provide MOOCs on Blockchain with various certificates of completion which together could eventually lead the student to a diploma, degree or masters award accredited from a UK or US university from our extensive university network. 

We also offer higher education institutions on the ground blockchain educational programs. From masterclasses on technical, coding, hackathons, and sector expertise; all the way to the development of Blockchain courses for a full university program.


2.2 - Conferences & workshops

We run workshops and conferences that can be tailored for governments looking to educate parliamentarians, technocrats and other staff on Blockchain. Similarly, we customize our offering to large organisations both for-profit and not-for-profit, that are looking to take the first steps in the industry before piloting projects.

Our offering can also be customized for a specific industry.


2.3 - Access to university networks & deep research

We offer our clients access to a global university network that is engaged in blockchain research. Currently well in the double digits and growing fast, our parent organisation is at the vanguard of blockchain research – both peer reviewed publications and a plethora of white and yellow papers for rapid dissemination of our research. University consortium is what makes us different. A standard and excellence you can trust and believe in.


2.4 - Services to regulators and policy makers

We support regulators and policy makers in the challenges they are facing to stay up to date with the developments in the Blockchain space. We offer services that enable them to tap into our technology neutral positioning and get advice on issues of concern.


2.5 - Blockchain content

We run a quarterly 80+ page glossy magazine with blockchain supplements, a regular monthly newsletter, a new CryptoCurrency Analysis subscription service, regular international conferences and we are planning our own peer-reviewed journal. We are often asked to review whitepapers and academic papers for REF publications. We are the gold standard in academic research capability in blockchain.

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