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We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals with outstanding professional records to join us as consultants in our London and worldwide offices.

This is an exciting role for someone who wants to apply their skills to help grow and promote our Blockchain and Cryptocurrency consultancy. Due to a significant increase in interest, we are recruiting for several new positions - Senior Partner, Partner and Associate.


Rothbadi & Co. is the first global consultancy born out of a think tank and out of academic research. We have designed innovative implementations of blockchain, spanning both financial and non-financial applications. We specialize in large-scale blockchain projects; we are also focused on Blockchain education and research, Blockchain & Crypto investment analytics and ICO advice.

You will be involved in a wide variety of assignments from the outset, working closely with consultants and our senior leadership team. You will work on projects ranging from strategy development, to data analysis, to branding and communications, as well as developing social marketing strategies. It’s a fast-paced environment that requires people who are flexible, adaptable and willing to do what is needed to get the job done.

We work with corporates, governments, family offices, banks, investment houses, UHNWI, NGO's, so the candidate will be required to work closely with new and existing clients.

We have a relaxed and collaborative office culture and whilst our outputs are very professional, our structure and approach is far from conventional. Our team is passionate, thoughtful and opinionated and we think this is an interesting and fun place to work.

We are looking for someone who:

·         has significant experience in a professional environment with proven track record

·         has a proven interest in business, current affairs and social and environmental issues

·        has exceptional written, verbal, analytical and communication skills, as well as a proven ability to develop and implement strategies

·         has a good understanding of social media and digital channels

·         has excellent research skills, and can apply these from the outset

·         Foreign language skills are desirable but not essential.


Day rate plus expenses, depending on experience.

To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter to


Applications close on 31st May 2018

Visit for further detail

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Talented staff

Who we're looking for

1.1 Undergraduate & graduate certification

We admire 3 key skills in equal measure: Intelligence, dedication and trustworthiness. Two of out three won’t do and we won’t compromise.


If you are applying to be an Associate, we ideally want a First Class honours and Masters, and ideally a PhD or one we may sponsor. If you are a Partner, we respect your experience and seniority and welcome you to share it with us. If you are interested in becoming an equity Senior Partner, then please approach us, as we want to share the burden as well as the rewards.


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