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Maryam Taghiyeva

Chief Systems Architect, Rothbadi & Co

A warm welcome to the Rothbadi Blockchain Expert Programme

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Why Rothbadi & Co for your Blockchain Journey?

Rothbadi & Co is the first global consultancy born out of a think tank and out of academic research. We have designed an innovative implementation of blockchain which integrates financial and non-financial values. We specialize on large scale blockchain projects. We are also focused on Blockchain education and research, Blockchain & Crypto investment analytics and advice. 

•    Worldwide network of experts in Blockchain and Crypto Currencies
•    Practitioners in Blockchain, with years of knowledge and hands-on experience
•    Experts in High Tech startups
•    Completed several real-life ICOs 
•    Own ICO, own tokens, own platform own experience
•    Experience in Coding, security, legals, Audits, Applications, dApps & DAO

We will be investing up to £1 million

into the best ideas to make them your reality. 

Learn more about this ultimate Blockchain opportunity in Stage 3.


Daniel De Souza (Brazil)

CCEG Head of Blockchain


I’m a co-founder of Ethereum Classic and invite you to be part of one of our learning programmes. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are transforming the world as we know it, and offer enormous opportunities for anyone willing to learn.

Come learn and work with us!

Maryam Taghiyeva (Azerbaijan) 

Chief Systems Architect | CCEG Blockchain UN Lab

I am one of our blockchain experts and look forward to helping make you investible. Listen to samples from “The History of Blockchain” module to get a taste of our course content.

Completing all three stages is a critical investment for a career in this exciting, cutting-edge industry. 

Barbara Mellish (Switzerland)

Managing Partner | Rothbadi & Co

I am one of the founding partners here at Rothbadi & Co and am excited to launch the Blockchain programme.

By learning with us, you will have an incredible opportunity to lead in the world of blockchain.

Stage 1: Learn

Choose your course and Make Yourself Investible


Rothbadi and Co offers a unique approach where you can combine different modules to create your own bespoke course.

In order to gain our certificate and to progress to Stage 2 you need to choose 6 modules from our list of options. A sample is below.

More modules are added all the time to keep our content fresh and engaging - providing you the best way to learn.

Example of Module 1 course materials: An Introduction to Blockchain

1. An Introduction to the blockchain – What it is and how it works

2. Bitcoin – Why was Bitcoin initially conceptualised? The core mechanics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

3. Cryptography – What is cryptography? What are the different types of cryptographic protocols?


4. Smart contracts – What are smart contracts? What are their use-cases?

5. The role of Financial blockchains – A comprehensive overview of token economics

6. Blockchain for Sustainable development – Future applications of the blockchain


Practitioner Certificate


This certificate is awarded to:


For successful completion of the Rothbadi & Co

Blockchain Expert Programme

Awarded by

Accredited University*





* Awarding university depends on modules chosen

Example of Module 1

Stage 2: Test

Work with some of the world's Blockchain EXPERTS

TEST your Blockchain knowledge and bring it to life with our experts' help and support.

Work in collaboration with the world’s best practitioners who have not only worked with the technology but completed an ICO and have developed the platform end-to-end and work every day in the blockchain and crypto world.

Our team of 35 mentors are here to help and support, and is growing. One of our mentors will be matched to you and your chosen pathway to help you succeed. 

Online Incubator with One-to-One Mentoring

Work with Rothbadi mentors from around the world, to bring your ideas to life, always available with expert knowledge and advice.
This online course and incubator are delivered on an AI-Powered personalised learning platform used by many global brands for teaching. 
One on One menoring

Stage 3: Earn

You will be qualified and have the chance to do whatever you desire with the hottest ticket in the world:

We are investing up to £1m into the best ideas to make them your reality.


This means the world is truly at your feet:

We can help you conduct an ICO, become a start-up entrepreneur, revolutionise a sector, become a professional expert advisor, climb the corporate ladder, or teach and lecture —

all with your new found skills from our cutting-edge education programme.

It's your choice and we are right here with you along your journey.



Rothbadi & Co initiated the three leading journals on the measurement and movement of value. The Social Value & Intangibles Review, which has 120,000 subscribers, Frontiers in Blockchain - the world’s first peer reviewed academic journal from an independent publisher, and - the official channel on value of education.

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Price now £499 for Stage 1
Course launch date 1st August 2018
Stage 2: £1500*
Stage 3: Rothbadi will be investing
£1 million towards the best idea
Payments will be accepted using
BTC. ETH. all major credit cards. Paypal and via bank transfers.

* A typical Blockchain advisor earns £2,000 per day, so your investment will be quickly recouped!

I consent to Rothbadi & Co and associated companies contacting me using the details given above, including by automated means, subject to the Rothbadi & Co Privacy Policy.