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News and Events


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Rothbadi & Co have become the blockchain partner to Informa Plc

Rothbadi & Co have become the blockchain partner to Informa Plc, a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business, operating in the Knowledge and Information Economy. Listed on the London Stock Exchange and a member of the FTSE 100, Informa’s KNECT365 Global Finance division hosts FundForum International (read here).

Our vision includes a world of Cryptocurrencies with Values

The acknowledgement and acceptance of a values-based society that rewards and is able to trade on cryptocurrencies integrating intangible values is key to shift our paradigms from a financial footing to a more balanced approach. We do not want to eradicate the governance systems and financial structures upon which our world is built, but want to turn these swords that control all around us into ploughshares that do good for mankind. Blockchain technology is the enabler. Join our vision, read more here.

The Seratio Blockchain is the marketplace of non-financial values - Our team led the ICO in Q4 2017

The Seratio Blockchain offers the potential to transact non-financial values. The Seratio ICO in Q4 2017 is the first coin that can be used to transact financial and intangible values. All the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can now become part of live ecosystem in which not only we can measure and report on impact but also transact. #Social policies# can now be monitored and effective intervention can be designed.  

A Pipeline of 20+ Token Generating Events (TGE)

We are the custodians and trusted parties for over 20 cryptocurrency commissions, many to be released in 2018. This includes Black Value Coin, Women’s Coin, Student Coin and even radically new social finance instruments like Social Investment Bonds 2.0 with integrated tax incentives. We have the capability of sophisticated modelling and construction in the token market ensuring multiple, often conflicting, agendas are met simultaneously.

Our current Github contribution includes eight open source white papers

At the Centre of Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG), the think tank incubating Rothbadi & Co, we have developed the Theory of Value. By applying the Social Earnings Ratio metric on the Seratio open source Blockchain, we designed tradeable value certificates. The Microshare will be used in many high impact global ventures, which are described in the open source white papers on the Github.

Our not-for-profit initiatives include the Internet of Value Blockchain Alliance for Good

Blockchain and the "Internet of Value" holds the promise for transactions on total value.

Blockchain applications with purpose, is the huge opportunity presented by technology and the reason we launched the Blockchain Alliance for good. As a society we cannot afford to miss the potential for a “blockchain-enabled higher awakening. We can create a better society by valuing our values.

Why use Blockchain? Don’t ask what we gain, ask what we lose

Rothbadi & Co has designed the Blockchain Educational Passport described in the whitepaper on the Github. It is an opportunity to solve learning difficulty issues, distance learning challenges, education beyond schooling, and more. Why lose the opportunity to develop a system, the Distributed Learning legder (DLL) that can address the “Educational inclusion” challenge at scale? Read more here.

Our core Blockchain capabilities have led to 5-year agreements with Fordham University in New York, and Chengdu UESTC University in China.

We aim to educate leaders who will become the future creators of value. We have started educating the next generation of coders and entrepreneurs. Programmers, engineers of all kinds, mathematicians, economists, and social scientists will be collaborating in leading the 4th industrial revolution. Blockchain research is in its infancy and the involvement of universities is paramount.

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Blockchain Advisor to Wildcat Petroleum Plc (LSM:WCAT)

Crypto Professor Appointed as Blockchain Advisor

1st March 2021, Wildcat Petroleum Plc announced via the London Stock Exchange News Service (RNS), a statement concerning the appointment of crypto Professor Olinga Taeed as Blockchain Adviser



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